Following the social health model created through Four Directions Centre for Social Health Inc., a restorative and therapeutic approach to justice is followed. In being a potential referral source for individuals involved in the justice system, our leaders provide and are connected to restorative meaningful opportunities for healing and productive restitution.

Youth being referred to counselling or group learning services through FDCSH are welcome to join counsellors and program leaders in a variety of hands-on, interactive community service. With the support of probation and/or other support people in the justice involved individuals’ life, the individual may gain valuable therapeutic experience in contributing positively to help others in the community.

While understanding and individual healing surrounding the issues that led to criminal justice involvement is important, we believe this is one valuable part of the circle. The other half involves the individual taking this healing and self-forgiveness and investing it in a restorative and humble direction of graciously serving others. Through FDCSH this has been facilitated by (but not limited to) the following:

  • Supporting facilitators in delivering social health group psycho-education
  • Collecting and Delivering desired household items to families in need
  • Providing awareness to local community regarding upcoming social health public information sessions
  • Technological support/work to build awareness on social media within community social health networks