Amy Rasmussen Waluk F.O.t.

Amy Rasmussen Waluk is a dynamic leader in the social health field, developing and manifesting quality, innovative meaningful support methods to the community. Amy created Four Directions Centre for Social Health in 2009 and has successfully expanded the scope of service deliverables since the centres’ conception. Amy delivers numerous support and psycho-educational services to the client base of Four Directions Centre for Social Health Inc. while consistently applying insight gained from working with resilient participants to develop new and relevant therapeutic support services and training topics. 

Amy is a mother of two young boys and spends her recreational time enjoying active adventures with her family. Marathon running, yoga, travelling, gardening and writing are some of the interests that Amy maintains to stay focused and healthy.

She follows a philosophy of helping that respects the story of each client, while offering support through discovering unique, individualized resolutions to sources of struggle. With a four-directional understanding of the human being, therapeutic engagement occurs within the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual compasses of self. Clients are provided with numerous opportunities for alternative healing through connectivity of the four directions within the safety of a therapeutic environment.


International Certification in Focus Oriented Therapy 2016

Applied Counselling Specialization in Addictions Certificate 2009

BA Honours Psychology 2006

“With a strong will and a good cause with a wide vision and commitment of betterment of the future, the reach of ones’ efforts are infinite.”  Amy Rasmussen Waluk 2017