Time Management

Once participants have been able to confidently assert how their energy is being spent, they are guided to discovery how it might be more accurately and effectively be used. In changing thinking from hours logged to energy input and output, participants can begin to reattach themselves to the meaning and purpose behind daily responsibilities and duties. This leads to problem solving around managing energy depletion and stress.

Program components:

  • Mission Focused Motivation- reattachment to the bigger picture of why I am doing what I am doing
  • Controlling negative impacts of stress
  • Handling crisis and conflict effectively
  • Interpersonal attunement and emotional intelligence- in being aware of the emotional states of oneself and others, one can better predict and plan for de-escalation practices which will reduce the amount of fall out time and energy spent if the situation were to escalate
  • Team work and communication in regards to effective time usage at home and at work