The overlapping of personal and professional boundaries appears to be a growing concern in social work settings. When part of an individuals’ professional duty requires them to build and maintain positive and perhaps close relationships with their clientele, increased difficulty surrounding boundaries frequently arises.

In this workshop, participants will be presented with potential concerns and resolutions regarding professional boundaries in the context of social-work related jobs. The significance of remaining objective, preventing interpersonal burnout, preventing dependency and/or co-dependency and assertively staking professional mandate will be emphasized upon. Other interactive components of the workshop include skill building around the art of being friendly without necessarily being ‘friends’ and boundaries surrounding popular social networking avenues in professional life.

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  • Trauma and Difficult Behaviours
  • Understanding Substances as a Lifeline
  • Abusive Cycles
  • Emotional Regulation in High Stress Work
  • Healthy Relationships in the Community
  • Compassion Fatigue Awareness