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Substance Abuse and Relationships is a heavy topic that extends to multiple areas of interpersonal living. The workshop covers several aspects of substance abuse causality and the impacts maladaptive coping can have on relationships.

  1. Understanding Substances and Behaviour
  2. The Power of Substances and Self-Determined Levels of Harm
  3. Harm Reduction
  4. Dependency: the Impact of Substance Abuse on Interpersonal Relationships

The objective of the workshop is to stimulate analytical thinking and participant discussion on issues surrounding substance abuse and its’ destructive implications in interpersonal relationships.

Due to the shame and guilt that can surround substance misuse, it is recommended that participants be supported in maintaining an openness to the subject areas, while applying (and sharing where applicable) correlations to their personal lives and the workshop content. The nature of substances as seemingly effective means to emotional pain relief, trauma recovery and stress will be explored, as well as examination of the social and interpersonal costs associated with unhealthy patterns of use. Themes surrounding dependency, co-dependency and interdependence will be actively investigated, allowing participants to better understand their potential individual role in the cycle of maladaptive coping and the health of their relationships.

By the close of the workshop, participants should hold a greater appreciation for potential roots of substance abuse and the cyclical patterns that may exist in relation to unhealthy interpersonal relationships. Practical healthful alternatives shall be encouraged within the group, leaving participants with access to a hopeful outlook on the subject area.