Multi-Generational Trauma

Stemming from the current social crisis surrounding first nations youth in care and unrepresentatively high concentrations of first nations prison populations, psycho educational and therapeutic programming has been developed to comprehensively understand the impacts of multi-generational trauma.

Through reviewing the reality of residential schools in our Canadian history, and in creating awareness surrounding colonization to truth and reconciliation, social environment longevity are scrutinized. The implications of how being raised in an environment where cultural, personal and emotional identities were stripped and in which the ‘skill’ of utter compliance was solely accepted, we will look at political, social and societal multi-generational effects.

Themes of parenting, addiction, gang culture and inherited coping patterns will be explored through the application of multi-media, research and group discussion. Once understanding of inherited behavioral, cognitive and cultural patterns and identities are metabolized, participants will have the opportunity to focus energy on empowerment and practical strategies to personally and professionally stop negative cycles of trauma.