Program Components

  1.  Video Journaling: Through the use of video recording, participants will learn basic multimedia skills and be able to retain a visual and humble keepsake of their program progression. Regular components of programming will be video-recorded with the purpose of tracking progress and summarizing program experience.
  1.  Mixed martial Arts: Within the safety of mutually respectful relationships, participants may gain experience in dealing healthfully with emotions that may be present in unhealthy relationships. Extreme self-protection, anger, frustration, anxiety, difficulty focusing, grief and loss are areas that may be worked through in the warrior program. Being able to learn from oneself and others and accept the healing process as a natural part of self-discovery, while developing social awareness, cooperation, discipline and fairness in a social environment.

    Through the challenging and capacity building of ones’ body, ability for persistence, growth and survival may be transferred to the mind and emotional self.

    Encouragement for self-awareness of these pieces will be delivered from program leaders through instruction, positive reinforcement and through the cooperative way (of leaders participating in and surviving difficult physical challenges with the participant group).

  2.  Therapeutic Psycho-Education: Participants will be led through a series of brief, meaningful interactive social health workshops. A variety of relevant topics will be explored, as listed below:

    1. The Four Directional Warrior
    2. Issues Affecting Women and Girls in the Community
    3. Issues Affecting Boys and Men in the Community
    4. Healthy Relationships
    5. Interpersonal Crisis Management
    6. Attachment Focused Cycles of Abuse (family violence)
    7. Suicide Prevention/Intervention ( 3 hr workshop- rec program cancelled this week)
    8. Grief, Loss and Change
    9. Stress Management
    10. Personal Empowerment
    11. Suicide Prevention/Intervention
    12. Emotional Regulation (Anger management)
    13. Health and Wellness
    14. Warrior Shield Creation (Self-defense through the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual being)
    15. Ceremony celebrating survival and growth

Project # Workshop Series

Project # encourages participants to express themselves through attaching meaning to the particular chapter they find themselves in on their earth walk. By linking dark and light themes from the past, honoring pain and celebrating success, participants may gain a practical source of hope and empowerment for the future.

The project aims to engage participants through their four directions while providing comprehensive opportunity for sustainable therapeutic learning. Through the identification of personal hashtag formation, participants may gain confidence in expressing pride surrounding the meaning they’ve attached to their individuality in a fun, educational and therapeutic way; further preparing individuals for true independence.

Project # is designed to operate as a twelve week program, integrating movement, group interaction, psycho education and multimedia. Program components are highlighted below:

  • Interactive, fun and sustainable wellness through movement (games, mixed martial arts, sports, relay races)
  • Self-Defense
  • Hashtag Group Therapy (using # to express meaningful reflection of their life experiences through a variety of creative art means)
  • Creative photography and presentation skills
  • Psycho Educational Workshop Topics
    • Hashtag through the life cycle
    • Communication and Healthy Attachment
    • Healthy Relationships
    • Stress Management
    • Interpersonal Crisis Management
    • Four Directional Wellness
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Substance Abuse in the Family
    • Suicide Prevention/Intervention
    • Health and Wellness: First Nation Perspective
    • Creation of # photobooks
    • Talent Display Celebration

Sessions are 3 hours in length, once per week for a twelve week period.