By providing participants the opportunity to learn how feeling is connected to thought and subsequently action, individuals can begin to understand the significance behind emotional regulation. The goal of these sessions is to assist participants in understanding the emotional component to impulsive behaviour, and to empower participants by teaching them practical techniques to reduce the immediate effects of imminent stress.


Workshop is delivered interactively, and exercises are designed to facilitate practical comprehension of the material.

Workshop Focus

  1.  Thought/Feeling/Action Wheel Teaching
    • Understanding how self control leads to a response instead of a reaction
  2.  Emotional Intelligence and IQ
    • Cultural expectations and understanding of EQ and IQ
    • Feeling emotions
    • Damage produced by concealing emotions
    • Emotional reading exercise: Participants will gain an appreciation for the differences in emotional response that the same external stimuli can create in individuals.
  1.  Temperature gauge teaching
    • Designing our own temperature gauges
    • Imagery exercise designed to test internal measurements of emotion
  2.  Emotional regulation techniques
    • Breathing
    • Self talk
    • Big picture drawing