Stress in
the Family

Stress Management in the Family is a complex subject that reaches many areas of concern. The workshop is broken into four topics:

  1. Defining stress
  2. Positive attributes of stress
  3. Stress and children
  4. Supply and Demand Organization of Stress

The goal of the Stress Management in the Family workshop is to equip participants with a comprehensive understanding of the impact of stress within the context of the family.

Participants should be encouraged and supported in understanding the causes of their stress and the impacts of managing stress symptoms effectively and ineffectively. Exploration of stress as an energy taker and energy maker may allow participants to shift their perspective on how stress-sensations can contribute to improved functioning or, reversely, impair productive functioning.

Collaborated discussion on effective stress management following interactive topics of stress is encouraged to leave participants with practical solutions to managing the internal and external impacts of stress in future interpersonal interactions.