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To activate in-depth thinking the seriousness and roots of bullying, definitions of bullying and terrorism are compared and contrasted. From this point, bullying behaviour is examined through a systems approach

(i.e. looking at the effects on the individual, community level and greater societal level).

Key components to bullying prevention and intervention include:

  • Cycle of victimization
  • Roots of entitlement and acting out behaviour
  • Dangers of violence familiarization and desensitization
  • Authority and power: on the playground, on the streets and in the office
  • Fostering empathy among children
  • Creating secure bases and practicing unconditional positive regard for our children
  • Re-creating the village in our families, workplaces and communities where support is offered freely, mistakes are grieved and accountability is expected

**In addition to the key components, skill building surrounding effective response to bullying behaviour will be discussed and practiced.