The interactive workshop focuses on central areas of relational dynamics. Themes of abuse and interpersonal destruction reveal multiple issues that contribute to the development of an unhealthy relationship. Participants will be challenged to consider their own role in difficult relationships while empathetically understanding the perspective of the other person.

Once an understanding of negative cycles and harmful patterns are experienced, participants will be supported in practicing assertiveness in boundary setting. Through the acknowledgment of past wounds, participants are encouraged to evaluate their own feelings of self-worth prior to entering a close relationship. Through a series of hands-on activities, participants are able to address their own vulnerabilities in a fun, yet meaningful way.

Program Components

  • Patterns of Interaction
  • Themes of Abuse
  • Boundary Setting
  • Interpersonal Safety
  • Effective Communication
  • Signs and Symptoms of Unhealthy Relationships
  • Personal Cost of Commitment to an Unhealthy Partner