Health Issues
First Nation Populations

Part 1: Health Issues Affecting First Nation Populations

Current research and literature is condensed into a three-hour learning workshop, educating participants on the risk and protective factors to serious health issues facing first nations’ people. Emphasis is placed on prevention, and promotion of healthy living.

In addition to currents in the health field, group facilitators will take an in-depth look at the unique biological make-up of first nations people and link causation to the unfortunate growing trend of nutrition related health complications. Benefits of traditional diet will be discussed and community strategies for intervention will be reviewed.

Part 2: Community Based Health and Wellness: assessing affordable quality nutrition and promoting physical activity

Following an integrated approach of promoting health and wellness- mind, body and spiritual care are linked to provide a comprehensive look into connectivity. Workshop components focuses on the following:

  • Accessing affordable quality nutrition
  • Developing easy, fast, healthy meals
  • Return to the ‘village’ concept of connecting young and older generations around healthy eating, and fun activity
  • Benefits of traditional Aboriginal diet
  • Linkages between physical health and mental/emotional wellbeing and coping capabilities
  • Developmental and physical health complication prevention strategies