Health and

The basis of Community Health and Wellness is to comprehensively and practically address themes within our communities that directly and indirectly affect the overall health and wellbeing of the community members. Relationships are made from the viewpoint of the individual and collective health and wellness with special examination into environment, social health issues and accessibility to health enhancement.

Participants are encouraged to personalize the topics covered to think about their own community and the members within it. Proactive approaches to intervene and further prevent continuation of present community level social health issues are explored in depth as participants are supported in applying gained insight into their communities of origin.

  • Assessing the health of our community
  • Exploring factors that might suggest good and poor health and wellness
  • Relationship between the quality of our community and interpersonal health and well-being
  • Hierarchy of needs: community wellness - education and employment
  • Components of Community Health
  • Prevention based Intervention Strategies to Address Community Health Issues