Four Directions Cooperative
Centre for
Trauma Recovery


Four Directions Cooperative Centre for Trauma Recovery Inc. is a cooperative development initiative designed to assist youth along their journey of recovery from the residual effects of adverse life events. With awareness of maladaptive coping that may follow traumatic events, participants are nurtured and supported along the path to restorative wellness. The ten bed residential unit will host gender specific youth aged 16-21 for six months, with strong focus on continuing care. The goal of trauma recovery is to reduce ongoing harm associated with grief, loss and trauma. Guided by an organic, holistic perspective of restoration, program participants are introduced to a variety of healing opportunities, aimed at creating, building and maintaining physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Throughout program duration, cultural sensitivity will be followed. Paired with a bio psychosocial understanding of human nature, exists cultural specific ideology. With integration of indigenous essence, the program is based upon an understanding of the four directions of self, community and the universe. It is through the inclusion of indigenous perspective and returning to the place of nature, that program leaders attempt to address social health issues that continue to negatively affect Canadian communities.

Once individual healing is commenced, participants are guided toward ways to continue their own recovery and empowering methods to spread this possibility to their communities of origin. Program succession is measured through participation in four phases of recovery. Each phase provides unique opportunity for participants to learn and practice attitude, strategy and healthful ideals which will aide in the healing process and ultimately serve as protective factors for the individual as he exits the safety and security of the therapeutic community.

In utilizing the social benefits of co-operative development, the entire trauma recovery team has opportunity to be invested and committed to the ongoing development and growth of the centre. Vision, input and the collaboration of individual and group strength is encouraged at the stakeholder, management, worker and participant level. In addition to in-house co-operative development, successful program graduates have extended opportunity to join membership in a variety of training, education and or workplace co-op upon program exit.

Highlighted Program Components:

  • Equine Facilitated Learning
  • Expressive Arts
  • Practical First Nations Cultural Teachings
  • Greenhouse Interaction
  • Psycho-Education
  • Mindful Practices (yoga, martial arts, dance)
  • Group and Individual Counselling
  • Mentor-led Continuing Care