Our Identity

Four Directions Centre For Social Health Inc.

Leaders at Four Directions Centre for Social Health Inc. honor the connectivity and reciprocal impact of interaction between the individual and environment. With awareness of the reciprocal nature of physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual exchange between self and other when addressing the quality of health and wellness within the individual, the participant is empowered to build sustainable skills for confident healthful living. 

With an understanding of the interactive nature of social health, Four Directions Centre for Social Health Inc. practices under the belief system that it takes a strong and healthy village to not only raise a child but maintain wellness in an independent person.

Through dedication to restoring balance within the circle of social living, we work with a perspective where we consider the individual receiving service as a compass point. Through the desired direction to travel, we apply a social health model to cooperatively and collectively assist in supporting the individual and working with community supports to provide comprehensive sustainable care.

Sustainable wellness through the spirit of discovery, healing, and growth